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To join FIPSA, there is various criteria which needs to be complied with, which starts inter alia with the provision of documentation and then a payment to a “Screening Fee” (SCF). The documents needed, are listed in the application form and the “SCF” is needed to do a record check on all potential members.

Once the completed form and all documents, with the proof of payment to the fees have been received, the application is considered for membership, based on the relevant criteria and internal Policies. The individuals are then informed of their success towards such application and then needs to make a payment towards the writing of an exam. Note that at this stage exams is done twice a year, but this may change, based on various reasons. It is essential to note that FIPSA do not enter into discussions on the outcome of the exam and the mark obtained, would be final.

Once the exam is passed, a once off “Joining fee” is paid and thereafter, monthly fees, as per designation, will become effective. Membership fees will then be levied and must be paid in the sequences, as defined in our relevant Policies. If however the exam was failed, a fee to a re-exam may be paid and such exam will then be written, on a date as decided by the Management of FIPSA.

More information can be obtained by sending an email to:

New member Form can be obtained by clicking Here